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Ary Syahriar

Genap 19-20

Karya Ilmiah

Chapter Book

  1. 2018 Science, Technology and Innovation Policies and Strategies Development in Developing Countries

Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi

  1. 2015_Journal of Mobile Multimedia_Software Defined Radio for Audio Signal Processing in Project Based Learning table of content
  2. 2017_Jurnal Telkomnika_Overdriven Characteristic of Silica Switching Devices
  3. 2018_Jurnal Telkomnika_Modelling Optical Waveguide Bends by the Method of lines
  4. 2019_JPCS_A general S-bend approximation by cascading multiple sections of uniformly curved waveguides
  5. 2019_Jurnal Telkomnika_Cladding effects on silica directional couplers
  6. 2019_Jurnal Telkomnika_Comparison of semiconductor lasers at wavelength 980 nm and 1480 nm using
  7. 2020_Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics_Temperatures effects on cascaded Mach-Zehnder interferometer
  8. 2020_Journal of Physics Conference Series_CFD analysis of vertical axis wind turbine using ansys fluent1
  9. 2020_Journal of Physics Conference Series_Vertical axis wind turbine analysis using MATLAB
  10. 2020_JPCS_Darrieus type vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) design

2. Jurnal Internasional Terindeks

  1. 2017_Characteristics of Multi-Mode Interference Couplers by the Method of Lines
  2. 2017_Advanced Science Letters_Characterization of L Band Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
  3. 2019_HRPUB _ Performance Analysis of Dispersion Compensation Fiber on NRZ and RZ Modulation with Difference Power
  4. 2019_HRPUB_Modelling Temperature Effect on (Transverse Electric) TE Mode Shape of Optical Silica Waveguid
  5. 2019_HRPUB_Performance Analysis of Q Factor Optical Communication in Free Space Optics and Single Mode Fiber
  6. 2019_HRPUB_Simulation of Comparison from NRZ and RZ Pulse in Free Space Optics with Different Weather Conditions
  7. 2019_HRPUB_Temperature Effects in Fiber Couplers

3. Jurnal Nasional Terakreditasi

  1. 2017_Jurnal Elektronika dan Telekomunikasi_Sinta 2Analisa Kinerja Teknik Modulasi Digital pada Kanal Optik Nirkabel

4. Jurnal Nasional

  1. 2013_Jurnal Al Azhar_Annealing Effects on Silica Based Optical Waveguides

5. Pemakalah Prosiding Internasional Bereputasi

  1. 2013_Temperature Effects on Parallel Cascaded Silica Based Microring Resonator
  2. 2016_Analysis of three paralel waveguides using coupled mode theory and the method of lines
  3. 2016_Silica-on-silicon waveguides with MgF2 cladding layers
  4. 2016 Thermo-optic effects on three waveguide directional couplers
  5. 2014_Characteristics of S-bend Optical Waveguides Based on Back-to-Back and Sinusoidal Structures
  6. 2014_Dispersion Relation of 1-D Photonic Crystal

6. Pemakalah Prosiding Internasional Terindeks

  1. 2017_Characteristic of L Band Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Under Forward Pumping Scheme
  2. 2017_Comparison of Characteristic of Two and Three Couplers Mach-Zehnder
  3. 2018_Comparison Power Of Semiconductor Lasers at wavelength 1480nm using InGaAs & In GaAsP Materials for eDFA Pumping Scheme
  4. 2019_Performance Analysis of Fiber with Solitions Parameters and Fiber Non – Solitons Parameters using Opti System
  5. 2020_A Novel Op-Amp Based LC Oscillator for Wireless Communications

7. Pemakalah Prosiding Internasional

  1. 2012 Analysis of Tapered Velocity and Tapered Coupling Couplers
  2. 2012 Gain Characteristic in L-Band EDFA
  3. 2012 Threshold Pump Power in L-Band EDFA
  4. 2012 Thermo-Optic Effects on Silica Based Microring Resonator
  6. 2020 Op-Amp Based LC Oscillator with Minimum Components for Wireless Communications
  7. 2020 Thermostat Influence Simulation During Warm-up Period In SI-Engine Cooling System
  8. 2020 Analysis and Simulation of Short Shot Defects in Plastic Injection Molding at Multi Cavities

8. Prosiding Internasional

  1. 2010_Simulation of Optical Switching Based on Mach-Zender Interferometer Structure ( Nama ke 2 dari 3)
  2. 2011_Characteristics of Raman Amplifiers in Fiber Optic (nama ke3 dari 2)
  3. 2012 Aspect Ratio Effect On Rectangular Waveguide Based On Marcatili Method
  4. 2012 Effect Of Defect Fraction And Refractive Index In Uniform Fiber Bragg
  5. 2012 Tuning Optical Fiber Ring Resonator Filter
  6. 2013_Dark and Bright Soliton in Fiber Optics
  7. 2013_Simulation of Mach Zehnder Interleaver Based Thermo-Optic Effect in L-Band Range (nama ke 2 dari 5)
  8. 2015_The Effect of Apodization profile on uniform Fiber Bragg Gratings
  9. 2018_Design And Anlysis of Generalized LED Index Modulation OFDM on FPGA
  10. 2018_The Method of Lines analysis of asymmteric optical waveguides
  11. 2019_Graphical Analysis Springs Dampers System on the A Freight Cars
  12. 2019_Analysis of Lamberttian Order to determine the ideal angle and position of photodetector for VLC
  13. 2019_Design and Fabrication of Vehicle Gust Turn Powered Turbine

9. Prosiding Nasional

  1. 2010_Desain Sistem Kontrol Elektronika Untuk C + L Band EDFA pada Pita Lebar
  3. 2011_Pengaruh Temperatur Terhadap Transfer Power Pada Directional Coupler Optik
  4. 2012 Simulasi Struktur Cacat Fiber Bragg Grating pada Area C-Band dengan Menggunakan Teori Couple Mode
  5. 2012 the characteristic of uniform fibre bragg gratings in the two layer of refractive index n1 and n2

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